Saturday, May 29, 2010

where is dr shahdan?

it's about more than 2 hours i've been waiting for him at lobby in Berjaya Times Square Hotel.
the story starts when while i was walking to look for speedlite for my 1000D.
and the this man stopped me and asked for my help.
he said that he is a lecturer from UiTM.
and so, i generously helped him.
he called CIMB - i think.because he asked me to log-in in
and the the operator asked him to go to nearest hotel and this is the nearest hotel.
at 14th floor in Times Square.
we were rushing to come here.
he told me that he will be back.
so i wait him here-at the lobby.
from drinking Starbuck-venti-sized, reading the spa template,snapping some pics,and now i'm online.he still hasn't come up.
on the way here,he hold my phone and he gave me RM1000 cheque.
he said that i have to take this because we are both not in touch and we are not know each other.
"i did the right thing.i have to give you this because i am a stranger to you.this is a good lesson for you.if someone takes your thing,then you to take his/her thing for safety."he added.

now,almost 5 p.m.
i waited here for so long.
i want to have pee.
but i can't just leave my things here.
or should i just bring them along with me to toilet to do my things?
i don't think so.
luckily i bring along my laptop.
i can online for free here.
the connection is quite fast.
i've uploaded some last night pics for this blog.

currently,i'm very hungry.
i haven't eat anything yet since this mornig.
i only have frappucino that i bought at Times Square just now.
i have to take some heavy meal after this i guesss.
my energy drained already.

please Dr. Shahdan....
i need my phone back.
i have to go somewhere also..

p/s: see.i even can post 2 articles for my blog for this day.i'm really boring here.


biasalah.sapa2 p i-city xbawak kamera mcm satu kerugian besar.
kat sana da macam pesta.
orang beduyun2 nk tgk pokok keluar cahaya.
macam xpenah jumpa.(memang pon.hehe)
aku pon xterkecuali la..
aku p ngn abang long aku,kak anne dan anak mereka,fird.
here the pics.

no editting.banyak sgt pic.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

new layout

nice or not?haha
i know it's kinda blank.(like my head la)
but i love it.
this blank layout is better than the bra's-polka-dot-likes layout before.(sexy huh?)
i just fin my new watermark.haha
i dunno how to be creative with it.
next entry i will paste it on my upcoming photos.
now still got no photos.
i only "terperap" in my new room.
kinda busy with class now.
i do the intersession this holiday for course Operational Research.
my fingers start itchy already to click the shutter. =p

p/s:i stay at my bro's got no internet.boring.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Merayau day thambi day.

5.30 a.m i arrived at Shah Alam from Kangar.
sleepy and tired.
i took cab to my bro's house at MAIS that will also be my house for a while since i'll be staying there during intersession.
8.30 a.m i woke up and get ready to UKM.
9.30 a.m i took bus off to UKM.
11.00 a.m called Milzam to take at UKM station.
12.00 noon lunch with Taufik and his friend at Rimba Redup Corner. we had laksa and cendol pulut.
2.00 p.m Lepak with Milzam,Safwan and their friends at KTHO's cafe.(one of the famous cafe in UKM as Milzam said)
6.00 p.m To Putrajaya. I don't know what we were doing there. Most of the time only makan angin naik moto.
12.oo a.m Back to UKM.

Rajah 1
Rajah 2
Rajah 3
Rajah 4
Rajah 5
p/s: water mark baru.haha.ok?

Monday, May 10, 2010

wasting my time in paddy field.

i went to a paddy field.
here are the things what i was doing.
9/5/2010 around 6-7 p.m.

Rajah 1
paddy grass i think

Rajah 2
paddy field

Rajah 3

Rajah 4
black ant

Rajah 5
black ant

Rajah 6

Rajah 7

Rajah 8

Rajah 9
on the street

Rajah 10
kriss  modenas

Rajah 11
satria neo

Rajah 12

Rajah 13
panning kapcai

Rajah 14

maybe some recognise this place.
the photos are not edited.
i just play with contrast,brightness,hue,saturation and sharp.
and this my first time fully shoot in RAW!
the last photo i use photomatix for HDR effect.
there's still more i need to learn.
C & C are welcome.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mood cuti

baru pukul 4 pg td aku sampai rumah.
sampai2 xtau nak wat apa.
dalam bas td da xlarat nak tido da.
sampai umah xngantuk da.
terus p ruang tamu,amek remote,bukak tv.
tgk tv pagi2 buta.nak ada cita apa?
tengok ja la.bukak channel KBS.jadi korea sat pagi2 ni.
tgk cita 3 brothers.baru 1st time tgk cita tu.
blh tahan lawak gak la.
tengok orang tua korea nak mengorat.wat gedik cam budak2.
boleh test kalo nak mengorat.haha

pastu,tah cmna aku tetidoq.
alarm phone aku yg tiap2 pg bunti pukul 6.15 kejut aku.
trus bangun mandi,pastu semayang.(awal tak aku mandi.haha)
pastu skang ni
kalo x,nk tgkp gmbr sunrise.
matahari da nek tggi da.xjadi la.
esok ja la.
mission ptg ni: nak shoot sunset!
kalo dapat,upload trus esok.

p/s:best gak online kat umah.rasa cm lagi hebat dari online free.