Saturday, May 29, 2010

where is dr shahdan?

it's about more than 2 hours i've been waiting for him at lobby in Berjaya Times Square Hotel.
the story starts when while i was walking to look for speedlite for my 1000D.
and the this man stopped me and asked for my help.
he said that he is a lecturer from UiTM.
and so, i generously helped him.
he called CIMB - i think.because he asked me to log-in in
and the the operator asked him to go to nearest hotel and this is the nearest hotel.
at 14th floor in Times Square.
we were rushing to come here.
he told me that he will be back.
so i wait him here-at the lobby.
from drinking Starbuck-venti-sized, reading the spa template,snapping some pics,and now i'm online.he still hasn't come up.
on the way here,he hold my phone and he gave me RM1000 cheque.
he said that i have to take this because we are both not in touch and we are not know each other.
"i did the right thing.i have to give you this because i am a stranger to you.this is a good lesson for you.if someone takes your thing,then you to take his/her thing for safety."he added.

now,almost 5 p.m.
i waited here for so long.
i want to have pee.
but i can't just leave my things here.
or should i just bring them along with me to toilet to do my things?
i don't think so.
luckily i bring along my laptop.
i can online for free here.
the connection is quite fast.
i've uploaded some last night pics for this blog.

currently,i'm very hungry.
i haven't eat anything yet since this mornig.
i only have frappucino that i bought at Times Square just now.
i have to take some heavy meal after this i guesss.
my energy drained already.

please Dr. Shahdan....
i need my phone back.
i have to go somewhere also..

p/s: see.i even can post 2 articles for my blog for this day.i'm really boring here.

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