Monday, March 29, 2010

i'm goooood..

last 3 days, i got fever.
now i just recovered.
thank god..
my medicine was a series of korean drama.
i watched drama "witch yoo hee".
thanks to Amy my love who lend me her laptop that have a lot a korean series.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


this is the obstacle when you use an analog camera.
when your finance is in critical,you can just keep your camera in the locker.
there's still a bundle of film that haven't been developed yet because of bankruptcy.haha..
about 3-4 rolls in my locker.
the cost to develop the films will cost about RM 30-40.
that's a lot of money for me since my condition right now in "jimat cermat" mode. i do regret with my attitude because lately i was very "boros".
if i saved up my money,i think now i can own a DSLR at least Canon 1000D. target for next sem is Canon 1000D.
the price is a bit cheaper than others and the performance not bad at all.
so i think 1000D is a good starter for me.
however, i won't forget my lomos.hee

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Abang ku sudah jadi laki orang.

Ya. Dia da kawen.
Jangan fikir pasal malam pertama dia.
Tu dia punya pasal. hehe
Kita tunggu ja la outcome dia nanti camna.
Dapat laki ka pompuan??

Ni ja yang aku dapat rakamkan peristiwa di Taiping.
Ni kenduri kat umah pengantin perempuan.
Kenduri kat umah aku Sabtu ni.
Mai la weh.

Rajah 1
Rajah 2
Rajah 3
Rajah 4
Rajah 5
Rajah 6
Rajah 7
Rajah 8
Rajah 9
Rajah 10
Rajah 11
Rajah 12
Rajah 13

Thursday, March 11, 2010

this is fisheye.

The film has been burned into CD.
here are the pics.
only 13 pics lehh..
others are corrupted because I open the back while film wasn't finished roll up yet.
I think 10 is enough for this series.hehe
Im tired of this slow internet connection.

Lomocam: Fisheye No.2
Location: Imbi, Shah Alam
Film: Lomography Slide X-Pro 200
Process: Cross Process

Rajah 1
Rajah 2
Rajah 3
Rajah 4
Rajah 5

Rajah 6
Rajah 7
Rajah 8
Rajah 9

Rajah 10

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1st series from fisheye no 2 upcoming.

My 1st roll from fisheye2 had just developed.
Sadly, only few pics that I got.
About 13 pics only.
Since this is my first time using fisheye, it was my 1st mistake too.dammit.
So,the pics will be uploaded soon.
I haven't scan the film yet though. ;)

This is taken from my new phone!
Yeah. I got a new phone. It's Sony Ericsson. :)