Saturday, May 22, 2010

new layout

nice or not?haha
i know it's kinda blank.(like my head la)
but i love it.
this blank layout is better than the bra's-polka-dot-likes layout before.(sexy huh?)
i just fin my new watermark.haha
i dunno how to be creative with it.
next entry i will paste it on my upcoming photos.
now still got no photos.
i only "terperap" in my new room.
kinda busy with class now.
i do the intersession this holiday for course Operational Research.
my fingers start itchy already to click the shutter. =p

p/s:i stay at my bro's got no internet.boring.


  1. perlu ka BRA'S-POLKA-DOT-LIKED?
    hahaha.. :P

  2. haha.xsama ka?
    aku tgk ang punya la aku tau tu.haha