Tuesday, December 28, 2010

after 3 times went to the kedai

sit la itu kedai.
lepas 3 kali aku p balik,p balik.
baru dpt bawak balik benda yg aku nak tu.
1st time went there,the guy gave me the wrong disk.
it was belong to someone else.
i returned it back.
2nd time i went,he said the machine broke down.damn.
and just now after i back from jabatan pendaftaran negara(yeah.new IC.he),for the 3rd time.
luckily they have it.
Alhamdulillah.this time,all the photos are okay.
here are the photos.
camera: Fisheye2
film: agfa vista 400 (fresh)
location: Langkawi

wo.sblm ni RM10 ja.kali ni RM14.huhu
yg gedik2 dulu.he

ada lagi.tp cukup la ni kot.huhu

Saturday, December 25, 2010

edit photo battle.

ha.bunyi pon cam nak menari ja.
memandangkan this is my first time joining a contest.
maka,saya pon join la.haha

okay.so,nak join la ni.
berbekalkan gambar dari kamera milzam ghazali atau nama sebenar dia zack daniel.
terjumpa gambar ady tgh melompat.
kan aku da ckp mcm menari td.
utk join contest ni,kena edit.
aku penah edit gambar ni.
and aku malas nak wat baru,aku letak ja la gambar ni sekali lagi.

original dari camera milzam.

aku tag:

ni ja kan?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

oh canon..pleaseee.please..

canon..pity me.huhu

i really want to make some videos recently.
but i can't afford to have a camera that featured a video.
please who ever are reading this entry.
pleasse..i'm begging you.
if u are the 'tokey kilang canon' or you are friends of him/her,please recommend him to take me as him/her son-in-law.haha.kidding.(i'm serious actually)
or maybe,u own a camera shop.
please,give me eos 60D or maybe if u're really generous and handsome,u can give 7D if u want.
no offense.hehe
i only afford to own eos 1000D where actually i'm really grateful i owned this.
i just want something more canggih than mine to shoot a video.hehe
here,i present you my very own video using my 1000D in 3 versions.
they are from my eos 1000D.
u think only ur 5DmarkII can shoot video?
mine also can mehh..

original version

black and white version
my favorite.reverse version.

hello boss.
7D okay?
60D also can la..hehe.
i love u la canon.
delighting you always.
see.i'm really kissing canon's ass.


from last night till now,i see many bloggers posted about their lomo.
so,i decided once again to develop my film.
this time,again from my fisheye2 loaded with agfa vista 400.
i shot many photos at langkawi with this film.
just wait and see what's the outcome.
wish me luck with all the photos not come out just like the film i developed last week.
hopefully it'll will not make me to lose hope on this lomography.

damn i can't go to Rantai at KL this saturday because im still here at Perlis.
i really want to join the activity organised by LomokidS.the activity named "lomomatrix."
u may google at youtube if u want to know what it is.
for me it's Aweesome.(haha.sounds like barney.)


Friday, December 17, 2010

hahaha..this is sooo tall and tinggiii and loong and pannjangg..

i always wanted to do this.
im proud of this of my first time trial.
thanx to my cousin aina as she willing to stand in noon for a few seconds where i only shot her face just a few detik.haha.
what's funny is she kept smiling until i finished take 5 shots of the tree.
cukup panjag ka?eh.tinggi.mn satu ni?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

arghh...what a waste.

remember about i posted yesterday?
about the film that i developed.
it was the film from my lomo fisheye2.
only the photos that i captured at langkawi are okay.
the others,their colour are paled and some are blown out.
i upload only a few photos that can be seen through your naked eyes.
the others only can be seen with pak bomoh's eyes only.hah

if u're pak bomoh or kak limah,ask me those photos.

btw,i want to sell my Diana Mini.
more details about Diana Mini,PM me,call me,e-mail me or what so ever.
reason i want to sell because i penat to keluar duit untuk bela dia la..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

can't wait for tomorrow

this evening,i sent my kodak electrochrome to be developed at kedai warisan.
this is my first time for me to get their service.
hopefully they develop it well.
it's been a long time i haven't used my fisheye2.
as promised,tomorrow evening i will go back to the kedai to take the CD as i ordered to put the photos into a CD without print.
i'm trying to cut the cost here.hee

i also ordered 50 photos of my own collection to be printed.
all the photos will be printed in 3R sized.
i donno why i print that much and i dont know where to put all the photos.haha

FYI,i already have a photo canvas.
however,yet suspended.haha

maybe i will hang it in my lil brother's room and the 50 pics,i will paste it in his room if he give me the permission to make his room as my room.haha

p/s: wah.i still can write in english.ithink my form 5 essay much better than this because i didnt use google translate for Sir W.K.Leong class.haha.i still remember his name mehh.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

broga part 2

kalo aku malas nk buh part 2 ni.
tapi da mlm ni boring sgt,terpaksa la.
gambar2 ni mcm2 jenis tone aku try.
saja2 cari2.
tp xbest jgk pon.hu..
ok.since aku boring mlm ni.
aku nk wat rajin sikit.
nak explain sikit2.
milzam nak tunjuk jam baru kot.

free show.plane terbabas.ultraman terkejut.

breakfast.roti ngn pisang.

dia suka pisang.

syazwan naik tok wan.

banana roll.

banana licking gooood.

milzam penat.

safwan sedih nak turun dari broga hill.

aku panjat sendiri.bukan terbang ok.

puluhan budak2 kecik lagi kuat dari safwan.

view saja nak abehkan film.

safwan lagi.duh.

posing apa xtau ni.
p/s: aku ada curi2 try shoot wedding cousin kawen baru2 ni.susah gak.yg tu lps ni plk.