Sunday, May 16, 2010

Merayau day thambi day.

5.30 a.m i arrived at Shah Alam from Kangar.
sleepy and tired.
i took cab to my bro's house at MAIS that will also be my house for a while since i'll be staying there during intersession.
8.30 a.m i woke up and get ready to UKM.
9.30 a.m i took bus off to UKM.
11.00 a.m called Milzam to take at UKM station.
12.00 noon lunch with Taufik and his friend at Rimba Redup Corner. we had laksa and cendol pulut.
2.00 p.m Lepak with Milzam,Safwan and their friends at KTHO's cafe.(one of the famous cafe in UKM as Milzam said)
6.00 p.m To Putrajaya. I don't know what we were doing there. Most of the time only makan angin naik moto.
12.oo a.m Back to UKM.

Rajah 1
Rajah 2
Rajah 3
Rajah 4
Rajah 5
p/s: water mark baru.haha.ok?

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