Thursday, December 23, 2010

oh canon..pleaseee.please..

canon..pity me.huhu

i really want to make some videos recently.
but i can't afford to have a camera that featured a video.
please who ever are reading this entry.
pleasse..i'm begging you.
if u are the 'tokey kilang canon' or you are friends of him/her,please recommend him to take me as him/her son-in-law.haha.kidding.(i'm serious actually)
or maybe,u own a camera shop.
please,give me eos 60D or maybe if u're really generous and handsome,u can give 7D if u want.
no offense.hehe
i only afford to own eos 1000D where actually i'm really grateful i owned this.
i just want something more canggih than mine to shoot a video.hehe
here,i present you my very own video using my 1000D in 3 versions.
they are from my eos 1000D.
u think only ur 5DmarkII can shoot video?
mine also can mehh..

original version

black and white version
my favorite.reverse version.

hello boss.
7D okay?
60D also can la..hehe.
i love u la canon.
delighting you always.
see.i'm really kissing canon's ass.


  1. ha3..yg mura sikit 550D pun dah boleh amik fully hd.. :P

  2. thnx dudes.

    nenek.time amek ni,terbang la.

  3. semattt ler video ko.. sempoi2

  4. berapa jam duduk betenggek kat situ amek gmba2 wat vid nih? haha.. tapi cool ah! =)

  5. tima kaseh aiman..

    unspoken.dlm setengah ja.sbb nk magrib da time da tu.hehe..

  6. Canon je ke? Nikon also can right? hahaa ajar boleh? hehe

  7. haha..
    of course la boleh bro..
    wat continuous.tgkp bnyk2.
    pastu guna photoscape wat bg gerak2.

  8. haha...aku pikir gak nak wat mcmni guna photoscape..tapi takde ah bro...kite same2 guna canon 1000D

  9. haha.caya lah.
    wat la.
    da wat nt,upload.
    aku nk tgk gk yg org lain wat.