Wednesday, December 15, 2010

can't wait for tomorrow

this evening,i sent my kodak electrochrome to be developed at kedai warisan.
this is my first time for me to get their service.
hopefully they develop it well.
it's been a long time i haven't used my fisheye2.
as promised,tomorrow evening i will go back to the kedai to take the CD as i ordered to put the photos into a CD without print.
i'm trying to cut the cost here.hee

i also ordered 50 photos of my own collection to be printed.
all the photos will be printed in 3R sized.
i donno why i print that much and i dont know where to put all the photos.haha

FYI,i already have a photo canvas.
however,yet suspended.haha

maybe i will hang it in my lil brother's room and the 50 pics,i will paste it in his room if he give me the permission to make his room as my room.haha

p/s: wah.i still can write in english.ithink my form 5 essay much better than this because i didnt use google translate for Sir W.K.Leong class.haha.i still remember his name mehh.


  1. HAHAHAH..
    aku pun ingat.
    LWK. :D

    aku habaq kat sir.
    dia baik dengan aku wo0ooo..

  3. wahhhh sir Leong.....rindu.haha