Sunday, March 6, 2011

lomopicnik: zoo negara

yesterday was my 1st time joining this such kind of activity/event.
everything runs smoothly.
well handled by anis or his facebook's name Pelayar ibu kota to him.
many lomographers that i met yesterday.
most of them are otais.huhu
i was not so productive yesterday.
i don't know why.
maybe because i was surrounded by lots of otai lomo around me.he
i only shoot people rather than shoot the animals.
i went to the,i should shoot the animals,right?
maybe because of the animals there are not so attractive for me.haha
i was looking for pig or wild boar.
but i didn't find them.
moreover,i only have 18-55mm and 50mm lenses.
the animals are in the cage and not so near for me to shoot them.

at least i got giraffe and turtle.
more coming after this from my diana mini and fisheye2.
hope,the films are okay.


  1. wah, geng lomo ke...dasyat nye...

  2. wowow. love lomography camera too XD cool~
    haha. nice butt!

  3. outing.sapa2 pon leh join ja wahida..

    u pakai apa zyra?

  4. pete : tak pakai ape pun. suka dan minat tapi tak beli pun XD haha.

  5. oh.bli la..
    xpon,photoshop ja.hehe

  6. geng lomo muda2 nih.....nk jumpa geng lomo yg dah kawen+ada anak...meh ikot aku...muahahha

  7. pakcik2 otai ka weh?haha
    cm best.

  8. bestnye g zoo...
    pete jd bdak2 ;)