Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gelang Baru.

i just back from hang out with ady and faris.
they sent their shoes for repair.

"nak apa cmna ha kasut ni?"ady kata.

pakcik yang pakar bab kasut.

then we had a window shopping at al-ikhsan.
i don't know what are they looking for.
either shoes or track bottom?
i don't know.

after al-ikhsan,another shop we entered.
at a kedai barang2 perempuan,i bought this gelang. gelang.

design baru.yg dulu cam lain sikit.

before balik,we all singgah kedai moto to look for vs 125.
i found a vs 125.
the condition still good.
only RM2400.
not bad.

harap-harap dapat la scoot ni.

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