Thursday, February 18, 2010

drove to pasar malam

tonight i went to pasar malam by my dad's car.
kancil only..
8 o'clock,i picked up safwan and his little brother with perut buncit.
haha.geram main perut buncit dia.
looks like a ball and everybody wanna kick his tummy.
hehe..with his character that a bit funny.
nowadays, he's like part of our gang.
he had join lepak with us for 2 nights including this night.
welcome to the gang budak buncit.
after picked up them,i went to picked adib at his house.
the road is a bit chalengging for me.
first time mmain rally kat jalan kampung.yeah!
then,i let adib drove to pasar malam.
ady and faris already there.
after cuci-cuci mata at pasar malam(banyak awek cun.xrugi p tadi),we lepak-ed at dataran layan char kote aw sambil dgr karoke(semua suara xsedap.yekk)
at 11pm,we left to send safwan and budak buncit home before went to kuala perlis just to buy pepsi gulp at 7e.
after minum2 dalam kereta,kami balik.
again,rally at jalan kampung to rumah adib.
after sent him home,time to go back.
at jalan kampung.
damned it.
a bit scarry and spooky that road.
there was a kubur.
luckily i seen nothing.
and i safely home..


  1. suka suki ang nak kick perot adik aq nah??

  2. kiranya aku,hg,puan,adik puan dgn faris la geng perut buncit?baguih2

  3. puan:haha.geram weh.buncit sgt.
    mizam:eh.bkn la.aku xmaksud kita geng buncit.hehe

  4. rase antara kita semua aq rase pete arr paling buncit..

  5. haha.mana ada aku buncit.adik ang plg buncit.