Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good things come after bad things.

Yesterday I was so excited that after class,i straight away took a bus to KL sentral and then took KTM to Mid Valley to see my love.
She was there earlier than me as I was trapped in the traffic jam. Luckily she was okay with that and tak buat taik.hehe.
I love u syg..
When i got there, I text her to see me at surau as I havent perform my Asar yet.
After solat, we straight away to The Gardens to get my thing that is Diana + Flash.
It is a flash for my lomocam for me to keep shooting in a dark surrounding.
After that,we back to the surau for solat Maghrib then we had our dinner at McD.
She was keep saying that she's starving from the time I arrived there.
Before melantak,we went to Kedai Converse to look for shoes for her.
She want to have shoes for her to enter the Chemist lab i think.
But the choices were limited.Then we just leave the kedai without angkat any kasut.
On the way to McD,then she sempat asked me "nak makan sushi x?"
and I replied "Nak!".
We ordered Takoyaki and a few sushi for take away and we ate at McD.
At McD,i was so eager to rasmi the flash.
I finished the prosperity quickly and i open the flash to try.
I put it to my lomocam and shot.But no flash out.
It needs a battery actually.Then I leave her for a while.
I went to Carefour to buy a battery.
After that, I back to her and i immediately installed the battery and snapped.
It was stunning.
The flash was so bright and its funny.haha.

However,the story of the day before yesterday was awful.
me and ijal spent our weekend at rumah paek.
we were just wasting our time by layaning movies and playing games-of course PES 2010.hehe.
on sunday evening,we were going back to hostel.
on the way back,the rain was heavy while me and ijal still on the highway.
ijal was so rempit habis on the highway in the rain and i was worrying with my laptop and my lomocam behind me in the bag.
we arrived at Jati with basah kuyup gila babi and i quickly ran to my room and took out my laptop and lomocam to check out.
the worst case scenario was my laptop masuk air.
i really dont what to do.
ijal called Naz our housemat to check it out.
he asked my permission to open the screen to make it dry and i refused his suggestion.
i said "biaq ja la.nanti kalo bukak,masalah lain lak jadi nt."
luckily the water that trapped in this screen is getting dry.
Thank God..
and about my lomocam,i hope it doesnt have any problem with the water.
i cant wait to finish this 2nd roll film to see the results with my new flash.

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