Saturday, January 23, 2010


today is my first day i attend to my class cocuriculum.
i joined club management of human mind..
among 30+ students,only 4 boys.the rest are girls.
me,acap,hariz and anonymous.
this makes me not to ponteng this ko-k. ;p

however,the class is a bit boring because it's just like a kuliah agama.
just listen and doing nothing.
but the good thing is no sweat.just relax.he
and another thing,the ustazah is quite friendly.
she made some jokes so that nobody sleep.

first lesson,is about aqal.
why men are special than animals:
becouse of aqal.
what is difference between men and animals:
aqal again.
and so on.
all are related to aqal..
then,talking abaout fitrah.
man is looking at a's a fitrah.
we eat when we hungry.
we sleep when we sleepy.
these all things are normal.
its a fitrah.

abnormally,my love always get sicked of me.
is it a fitrah or what.
complaining and tell everybody at her facebook when get mad.
so that everybody knows that im a jerk. what?
i also have a feeling.
you don't have to tell everybody about that.
sometimes,you also acted like ass.
did i tell anybody?
if you really hate me,just leave me.
i can live on my own.

when you hate me,sick of me,you post on your facebook.
when you like me,you love me,did you post on your facebook?
only tells people bad things about me.
why not the good?
and your freaking friends joined you blaming me.
who are they?
do they know me?
do i know them?
the freakist thing,tell her to dump me. bitch.
mind your own business.
nobody is perfect.

so sayang.
i hope you change.
know more about me.
give me some space so i can live my life.

i love you..

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