Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet 17 outing - Pangkor

This time,eventhough without a well-planed trip, yet we managed to have a great vacation.
We spent 2 days and 1 night at Pangkor Island.
We did a lot of activities. Snorkeling, swimming, ride banana boat, bbq and tour around Pangkor Island.
That was like a school trip.haha


you can just ignore the borders of the last five pictures.
i have to buy the disney film edition because the tokey only had 1 box for the original edition.

maybe more will be coming from eos 1000D and diana mini.but i don't know when.maybe yes.maybe no.

credit to Intan Asmira for lending me her Instax Mini 7s.

yay. dia add aku.haha


  1. ahaaaa..patot la "jgn kata ni kat pangkor"

    ko da jumpa ke kejernihan laut pangkor cam laut yang aku pegi tu..? ada sama ke? hahahaha

  2. haha..xlangsong..
    hang punya jernih lg..huhuhu