Tuesday, May 10, 2011

these make me want to angkat an LC-A.

i admit that all the photos that u will see soon are the just so-so.
huhu.this is my first time loading a Kodak colorplus 200 film into my diana mini.
they are just not like what i thought it will came out after i develop the film.
the color are not so vivid.
i still wait for my kodak ebx that i ordered yesterday.
i hope they will arrive by tomorrow.
i think,if i shoot with LC-A,the results will be much better with its vignette around the corner.
i bought this diana mini because i thought it also will produce the vigenette.
well,the vignette is not so obvious compare to Holga and LC-A.
maybe if i load my diana mini with Kodak Ebx after this,the colour will be more vivid?
what do you think?any idea?
well,let's just see after i load it.

here are the photos that i shoot.
the photos are just around m hometown,Kangar,Perlis.

as you can see.some are okay,some are overexposed,underexposed,blurred.
yeah.im still in a learning process.
comments and critics are welcome.


  1. aq tak suka makan jagung la pete...

  2. chichi aku jantan! hahah.

    weh, smart jek gambar kau? tapi pada aku kalau nak warna terpelanting gila memang pakai ebx or lomo xpro slide lah kan. huhu.

    holga okayy what. LCA mahal =.=

    diana mini boleh square frame. ada gak kelebihannya kan :3

  3. nanti aku blanja hang durian.mau safwan?

    run.tu la.nt aku nk try ebx lak.
    seblom ni try kt fisheye ja.
    aku nk vignette..LC-A lg style kau tgk.haha

  4. kau ada mata sen..ada gambaq2 yg gua tngok lawa..artstic..kipidap

  5. btoi ka?kalo da otai ckp cmtu,smgt la sikit.
    hehe.thanks bro.

  6. try le pakai expired film...bru caree...huhuuu

  7. da penah try da expired.
    tp aku suka sgt.

  8. some are nice angle..keep it up..
    love it~~

  9. woi, mai kgq kot nak jmpa aku.. ahha..

  10. thanx anisa..i will try to improve my skill.he

    adeela.hang dok mana?jom la p tgkp gmbq.haha

  11. hye pete...
    lma xg jalan2 kt kangar..
    rindu nk lpak2 kt sna...

  12. pete , aku org kangaq la . haha, jom jom .

  13. lah.yaka..tggu aku balik kangaq nt aku p cari hang.haha