Sunday, January 30, 2011

how and what should i do?

hello HOME!
happy chinesse new year.
gongxi fa cai.
i need money.
my holiday means nothing without money.
there's a lot of things i planned to buy in this short holiday.
but,what to do.
i got no money.
KPTM.i need money.
please bank in to me as soon as possible.
thank you and love you.

i wanna buy:-
2.vans shoes
3.futsal shoes.(yeah.i play futsal now.hehe)
4.mp3 or mp4 if possible.
5.wide lens.(wide angle converter also can)
8.fixie.(i dont why i want this shit badly.fuck u trend)
9.table and chair for me to study.
10. it's a holiday!i should go to somewhere.

money oh money.
please hello to me money.

currently listening to Marina and the Diamonds' album.
i don't why i suddenly really miss Amy when heard these songs.

p/s: sayang.i miss you.long time no see eh.
p/s2:hopefully in a few hours,our plan(me and dean who is sya's friend) will be achieved.
p/s3: ahh.i haven't sleep yet ever since i just got home this evening.
mizi's birthday cupcakes from his girlfriend.


  1. haha..
    wait n wait for mara loan..
    sye pun xdpt lg..nice cup cakes :)

  2. itu la pasal.
    da masuk nt kita shopppingg..hehe

  3. hehe..
    awk kptm mne eh?
    ok la dlm fb xde org kcau mcm 2..

  4. sy uitm..
    tggu duit scholar dr kptm(kementerian pengajian tinggi malaysia)..
    da hot..
    xd la org kacau.he

  5. lek lu...balik cari kat kl laa barang2x tuu...hahaha

  6. aku nak guna time cuti ni..
    ang xblk cuti ka?

  7. ko nk wtpe ngan fixie..nek moto dr klang pn da ngeluh

  8. aku nak kayuh petang2.nk bg sehat..