Monday, December 6, 2010

Convocation Mohd Faris Abdul Rahman

again,this is my first time ambil gambar for convocation.
it was just for my brother.
since this is my first time,not so much photos that i shot.
there was a load of crowd.
so hard for me to take photos.
i hate it when i try to shoot,people will across me.
however,i still managed to get few.
if possible,i don't want to be a convo photographer.
i'm suck at it.

p/s: a bit disappointed couldn't get great pics for my bro.


  1. bro?dat ur abang or adik?huhu xpe2..keep it up..

  2. muka ang sama sungguh dengan ayah ang loh.

  3. abang la sis.i xgrad lg.hehe.tq..

    dyla.sbb tu la dia bapak aku.