Tuesday, August 3, 2010

photoshoot 1

this was my first time shooting a model eventhough the model is just my house mate.
and damn.he was a guy.(hoping to do a photoshoot with a girl next time.he)
since this was my first time,i assume it as a good tutorial for me.
yet, i still have much more to learn.
here the pics.
these were taken at Tasik Shah Alam around 4pm.
his name is Zulfadhly.
he asked me to photoshoot him because he want to join a contest organised by Jefferson Malaysia. and he still not making any decision yet to choose which one is the best.
i need your help here.
the prize will be RM200 voucher.(not yours.it's the prize of the contest to be clear)
not forget to mention,his top,pant and shoes are from Jefferson.

rajah 1
rajah 2
rajah 3
rajah 4
rajah 5
rajah 6


  1. buh shout box..senang nk kacau..hahahaha

  2. tq topek..
    nanti aku tgkp gmbq hang lg.

    nenek.buh shout box nt bising.hahaha