Monday, August 30, 2010

a bite

arini aku puasa.
so aku nak speaking.
loghat jerman tau.

this morning was a tragic for everyone in this house.
ammar one of the house member woke everyone at 5.48.
it was just a few minutes before Subuh.
everyone woke up in a shock and quickly ate their foods.
muaz get his bread and mineral.
ammar get his beef burger.
fahmie with his double beef burger special
zul with his coco crunch
and i with my beef burger special

only ammar and i managed to eat a fast a possible.
ammar got 3 bites of his burger
and i was only managed to give a bite.

the morning was so silent.
then we all hear a sound
the azan.
then ammar and i went to the sink for a mouth wash.

here's the winner..

shamsul ammar


  1. kalau darurat 10 min lepas subh mcm tuu boleh mkn lagi...fufu!!!

  2. nenek start da PM dia.

    fek.aku rasa xla darurat sgt.aku sihat lg.muda lg.

  3. haha.. baru sempat baca. time ni paling tension skali.