Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing my new lovely wife..

this is my 4th wife.
yeah. i have 4 wives.
hehe..and i love them all.

my 4th wife is no longer from lomo family.
this baby from elite family.
she's from Canon family.
her name is EOS 1000D.
we were pronounced as husband and wife yesterday at KL Convention Centre.
actually got PIKOM PC FAIR there.
i just walked by with my 1st wife. just to see what's happening there.
after a long walked with heavily traffic jam with a bunch of people(luckily the sales girls there were sooo hooottt.they revived me.hehe),at one camera booth, a great promotion(perhaps) offered EOS 1000D at low price with 8GB memory,DSLR bag and tripod.
the offer was killing me.
i can't controlled myself.
but first,i asked the permission from my wife to get married one more.
and yeah.she allowed.this makes me love her sooo much.hehe

she is a chips monster
she loves eat
did i say she likes chicken?


  1. "kelakaq"?
    yg tu yg lawaknya.

  2. ouh..demm....u got that 1000D with 8GB memory card and tripod as know what..i got my 450D with 8GB but no tripod...haishz..takpe..ur rezeki... ;)

  3. milzam: haha.tu ayat lecturer eco aku.sampai la aku igt.
    nuurnoar: ya.great deal huh.hehe.where did u angkat ur 450D?

  4. kat plaza angsana...huh..takpe..esok aku debik uncle mata sepet yang tak cuci kencing tuh...

  5. oh.haha.lps pukul dia,mntk tripod free tau.hehe