Wednesday, March 24, 2010


this is the obstacle when you use an analog camera.
when your finance is in critical,you can just keep your camera in the locker.
there's still a bundle of film that haven't been developed yet because of bankruptcy.haha..
about 3-4 rolls in my locker.
the cost to develop the films will cost about RM 30-40.
that's a lot of money for me since my condition right now in "jimat cermat" mode. i do regret with my attitude because lately i was very "boros".
if i saved up my money,i think now i can own a DSLR at least Canon 1000D. target for next sem is Canon 1000D.
the price is a bit cheaper than others and the performance not bad at all.
so i think 1000D is a good starter for me.
however, i won't forget my lomos.hee


  1. ang bukan boros la tapi boroi...

  2. come on bro....angkat 550D... segar dari ladang... (n_n)